Spawn and Respawn into a Parachute

Here’s a method to spawn, and respawn, into a parachute.  There’s a demo mission available.

// Function that creates a parachute over the dropzone marker and moves the player into it.
fnc_letsFly = {
	_para = createVehicle ["Parachute_US_EP1", getMarkerPos "mrk_dropZone", [], 0, "FLY"];
	_para setPosATL [getPosATL _para select 0, getPosATL _para select 1, 200];
	player moveInDriver _para;

// This starts the player in the air at gamestart
call fnc_letsFly;

// This adds the MP event to the player
player addMPEventHandler ["MPRespawn",{_this spawn fnc_letsFly;}];

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