Collecting Inventory Items

Here are the little evidence items that are available. All except PMC_documents are available in ArmA2 vanilla. PMC of course requires PMC.

Item name – class name

CDF dogtags – CDF_dogtags
Cobalt File – Cobalt_File
Evidence (Dog tags) – EvDogTags
Evidence (File2) – EvKobalt
Evidence (Map) – EvMap
Evidence (Money) – EvMoney
Evidence (File1) – EvMoscow
Evidence (Photos) – EvPhoto
Kostey’s map case – Kostey_map_case
Kostey’s notebook – Kostey_notebook
Kostey’s photos – Kostey_photos
Moscow Bombing File – Moscow_Bombing_File
Evidence (Map) – PMC_documents

To give a player an item:

player addWeapon "EvMoney";

To check if a player has an item:

player hasWeapon "EvMoney"

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