On Demand Artillery Strike

This is from Riouken on the BIS forums:

The Grad is artillery you need to create a fire mission and execute it.  There is also a demo mission of this available.

// There is a arty logic ingame named arty1;
_myBattery = arty1;

// We need to make a arty fire mission template
_heTemplate = ["IMMEDIATE", "HE", 0, 15];

// We need the postion of the target Above Sea Level.
_targetPos = getPosASL target_1;

// Here we check and make sure it is range then we exicute the fire mission.
if ([_myBattery, _targetPos, _heTemplate select 1] call BIS_ARTY_F_PosInRange) then
     [_myBattery, _targetPos, _heTemplate] call BIS_ARTY_F_ExecuteTemplateMission;
     hint "Firing... Sit back and wait, it will take about 60-90 seconds for the rounds to impact";
} else
     hint "Target out of range!";

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