Mayhem and fire and smoke!

Some men just want to watch the world burn…

To make something burn via BIS_Effects_Burn we’ll need this code in our init.sqf:

BIS_Effects_Burn=compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\ca\Data\ParticleEffects\SCRIPTS\destruction\burn.sqf";

Then to set something on fire we’ll use this command, either in a trigger or from it’s init or via a script:

[object, intensity, time, lifecheck, fade] spawn BIS_Effects_Burn;

Object: the name of the object that the fire will be attached to.
Intensity: the intensity of the fire.  Recommended to use values between 0.7 and 10, higher values may be used if desired though.
Time: the time that the fire started.  Use the global variable time.  This is used to keep effects synced for JIP players.
Lifecheck: if this is true then the unit will only burn as ling as it is dead (!alive unit).  Set to false to burn things like buildings and gamelogics.
Fade: if true then the fire will die down over time, eventually dying out.  Set to false if you want it to keep burning (affected by rain too).

If you want to kill a fire you can delete the object it is attached to.

Hint: you can attach a gamelogic to a moving object via the attachto command, and then make the gamelogic burn that way you can kill the fire without deleting the object.

To make a gamelogic named mygamelogic burn forever with a big fire:

[mygamelogic,10,time,false,false] spawn BIS_Effects_Burn

same with medium sized fire:

[mygamelogic,5,time,false,false] spawn BIS_Effects_Burn

To make a gamelogic burn and have the fire fade over time:

[mygamelogic,10,time,false,true] spawn BIS_Effects_Burn

To make it smoke, with no visible flame you can use an intensity of 3 or lower:

[mygamelogic,3,time,false,false] spawn BIS_Effects_Burn


Other forms of mayhem…

Thanks for F2k Sel for the following ideas:

While on the subject of wrecks and damage, if you use the effects_burn function you can still put some damage using setdamage or the sliders to make it look damaged.

Also you can have it totally wrecked at the start of the mission but setting damage to maximum and put this in the init line of the object.

this will stop the vehicle from burrning but look wrecked

car1 enablesimulation false;

this will put a vehicle on it’s side but you may have to play with the values depending on direction

car1 setvectorup [0,0.1,0.01]

or you can do it an easier way, place a function module on the map first
place in an unit init

[car1,0, 90] call bis_fnc_setpitchbank;

That will flip a vehicle onto it’s side in any direction, a value of 180 will put it on it’s roof.

this will wreck the vehicle with no flames, the driver and gunner will be killed and keep them in the car

car1d setdamage 1;car1g setdamage 1; car1 setdamage 0.9

this would kill all units including cargo

{_x setdamage 1;}forEach units car1

This will remove a tyre from a vehicle,

car1 setHit ["wheel_1_1_steering", 1];

other wheel values are :-
wheel_1_1_steering = Left front tire
wheel_1_2_steering = Left rear tire
wheel_1_3_steering = Left middle tire (trucks)
wheel_2_1_steering = Right front tire
wheel_2_2_steering = Right rear tire
wheel_2_3_steering = Right middle tire (trucks)

or you can just break the glass

car1 setHit ["Glass1", 1];
car1 setHit ["Glass2", 1];
car1 setHit ["Glass3", 1];
car1 setHit ["Glass4", 1];
car1 setHit ["Glass5", 1];
car1 setHit ["Glass6", 1];

this will damage just the motor on a car or aircraft,gets choppers down quickly.

heli1 setHit ["motor", 1]

This will damage the tail rotor

heli setHit ["mala vrtule", 0.95]
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