titleText Examples

thegunnysgt asked on the forums what titleText did, here’s some examples:

titleText ["This is written in white letters in the middle of your screen, fading in over the course of 3 seconds and fading away in 10 seconds or so","PLAIN", 3];

titleText ["This is written in white letters at the bottom of your screenfading away in 4 seconds because of the titleFadeOut command.","PLAIN DOWN"]; titleFadeOut 4;

titleText ["This will turn your screen black and display this text slowly fading away after 8 seconds.","BLACK IN",8];

titleText ["This will fade your screen to black while displaying this text and never come back, usually.  Adding the titleFadeOut will make it fade back in, kind of, 20 seconds or so.  It's wierd.","BLACK OUT",8];titleFadeOut 4;

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