Crazy CH-47 Midair Refueling Demo

FighterD1 wanted a “milk cow” CH-47 which could refuel other helicopters in the air.  Here’s the crazy method I came up with for that.  You can download a demo mission which shows this approach in action too!

You’ll need a CH-47, a marker and two triggers and the Functions module.


Special = Flying
Name = ch47Repair

trgAirRepairZone attachTo [this,[0,0,0]]; scrMarkerPos = [] spawn {while {not isnull ch47Repair} do { "mrkRepairZone" setmarkerpos getpos ch47Repair; sleep 0.5; };  }; ch47Refitting = false;


Name: mrkRepairZone
Color: Orange
Fill = Border
Ellipse, Axis a = 30, Axis b = 30

Trigger #1:

Axis a = 35, Axis b = 35, BLUFOR, Repeatedly, Present
Name = trgAirRepairZone
Condition =

[position ch47Repair,(getdir ch47Repair) - 180,20,position vehicle player] call BIS_fnc_inAngleSector && (getPosATL ch47Repair select 2) + 5 >= getPosATL vehicle player select 2 && (getPosATL ch47Repair select 2) -5 <= getPosATL vehicle player select 2 && ch47Repair distance vehicle player < 35;

On Act =

hint "In position to refuel, stand by!"; "mrkRepairZone" setMarkerColorLocal "ColorGreen"; "mrkRepairZone" setMarkerBrushLocal "Solid"; ch47Refitting = true;

On Dea =

hint "Out of position!";"mrkRepairZone" setMarkerColorLocal "ColorOrange"; "mrkRepairZone" setMarkerBrushLocal "Border"; ch47Refitting = false;

Trigger #2:

Timeout Min = 15, Mid = 20, Max = 25

Condition =


OnAct =

hint "Refueled!"; vehicle player setfuel 1;

Once you have all that simply fly your low fueled helicopter up to the rear of the Chinook, within 35m and 15 degrees of it’s rear door and within +/- 5m of it’s altitude, and in 15-25 seconds your bird will be refueled. The Chinook will have an orange border around it indicating the repair range and it will turn green for you once you’re in range. The trigger and marker will move with the Chinook.

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