SOM Transport Demo

You can take a look at my old SOM Transport demo for how to do it.

This in your init.sqf:

// Initilize the system.
waitUntil {!isnil {player getVariable "mainScope"}};
SOM_mainScope = player getVariable "mainScope";

// Put this in the init field of your SOM module to prevent any random things from happening, only what we declare above will be available.
// this setVariable ["settings", [[], true, nil, nil, false]];

// Grant the player access to Transport.
[["transport"], player] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc;

// Set Variables for the SOM module, named SOM in this case.
SOM setVariable ["TSS_vehicle_custom", t1];  // t1 is the preplaced unit that will be used for transport.  Comment this line out to use default Huey.
SOM setVariable ["TSS_allowed", ["pickup", "unload"]];  // Commands allowed by the transport vehicle.
SOM setVariable ["TSS_plannedLZ", [0,0,0]];  // Defaut landing zone, will be set via map click after pickup.

// Transport vehicle settings.
t1 setVariable ["supPool", [p1], TRUE]; // p1 is the unit that can use this.
t1 setVariable ["supPhase", 0, TRUE];  // Default variable for what phase of transport it's on.
t1 setVariable ["onMission", objNull, TRUE];  // Default variable for it it's busy or not.
t1 setVariable ["stuck", FALSE, TRUE]; // Default variable for if it's stuck or not
  1. #1 by SINcere on September 28, 2010 - 4:07 PM

    Doesn’t work with OA or BAF, unfortunately. If you start the transport by entering the chopper then designating a place to dropoff, it takes you there, lands quickly and you have very minimal time to get out before it takes off, then it takes off and then just hovers and you are not able to recall the transport (you can but it doesn’t move). If you start out by calling the transport to yourself, it will come to you, never land, quick turn around and then goes back to your predetermined location for the chopper, but it will never land and pick you up…..that’s unfortunate. I love the transport ability

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