SupplyDrop Example

Erm, well.. it actually does work, but the problem is they haven’t updated it to Operation Arrowhead.

So… the defaults won’t work since they are the wrong class names. Now, you can do it like this, by including a proper OA classname:

dropSupplyPoint = getPos player;  
player setPos [dropSupplyPoint select 0, dropSupplyPoint select 1, 150];  
[player, "HMMWV_M1151_M2_DES_EP1"] call BIS_fnc_supplydrop;  
player setPos dropSupplyPoint;

The only drawback is, well, the parachutes they use are A2 only… so the vehicle will kind of just plummet down to the ground without a parachute!

The good news is at least with the Uparmored HMMWV it doesn’t seem to take damage in doing so.

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