Zoned Spawn Demo

Demo Mission

Two towns which you need to clear, neither of which spawn anything from the beginning. A trigger and marker and variable control the spawns.

Set the Trigger to Condition of this && !townSpawned (townSpawned set to ‘false’ in the init.sqf) That will make sure that BLUFOR is present, but also that spawning is allowed (only one town active at a time). The actual spawning is called by:

_null = ["Kamenyy",3,[250,150],East] execVM "spawnOpp.sqf";

So in the town of Kamenyy (as described by the kamenyy_active marker) we want to spawn 3 East faction men in a group and want our completion trigger to be the size of 250 x 150.

The spawnOpp.sqf will turn the town solid red, disallow spawning at the other town, create your group and create a trigger which looks for you to clear the town. When you do it allows spawning in the other town and turns the city marker green.

Try it out. Once you kill the first three, teleport over to Strelka and clear that town. Or spawn Kamenyy first, then teleport over to Strelka and notice that nothing spawns.

To Do: Auto detect trigger area (or even use the existing one, do triggers disappear after they activate?). Make the spawn arguments make more sense, I added “East” at the end since it was an afterthought. Allow multiple groups or armor groups or something. Make sure it’s multiplayer compliant. Add in briefing links.

Hope that helps.

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