Set Flag/Object Texture

You don’t need to use that method anymore, since the objects are in game already.

To create a Takistani flag 10m in front of the player with the Functions module on map:

myFlagPos = [player, 10, getdir player] call BIS_fnc_relPos; myFlag = "FlagCarrierTakistan_EP1" createVehicle myFlagPos;

If you really really wanted to use the old method, pre-place a flagpole and put this in it’s init:

this setflagtexture "ca\ca_e\Data\flag_tka_co.paa";

Another neat thing you can do with this is say place a crewed Takistani Motorocyle (has to be manned for this example) and place a blank flagpole in the middle of nowhere and put this in the cycle’s init:

carFlag setFlagTexture "ca\ca_e\Data\flag_tka_co.paa"; carFlag setFlagOwner driver this;

Doesn’t work with all vehicles, and sadly doesn’t work with the SUV (!!) but does for things like cycles and HMMWV and UAZ.

Killswitch, “ca\Data\…” doesn’t work for OA only clients, you’ll get a path not found error. Might work for the abomination that is CO though. But for OA you need “ca\ca_e\Data\…”.

For signs, place a sign object and put this in it’s init:

this setObjectTexture [0,"ca\ca_e\data\flag_tka_co.paa"];

List of flags below the jump:


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