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AAN News Scroll Overlay Function

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Here’s how to add your own AAN News Scroll Overlay.  First place the Functions Module on the map, then call the overlay with this code, in the init.sqf for example.:

title = parsetext "<t size='2.3'>Rabbits Overrun Zargabad</t><br />Thousands of rabbits are terrorizing local women in the Takisani town of Zargabad."; 
scroll = parsetext "Military Units across Takistan report dance outbursts are on the rise - A-10s have been spotted flying upside down more often than not - Missing M16 Rifles found!"; 
nul = [title,scroll] spawn BIS_fnc_AAN;

Thanks to Koni on the BIS forums, here’s how to end the AAN Overlay early if you don’t want it displayed during the entire intro:

3000 cuttext ["","plain"];

Here is demo single player mission which shows the AAN Overlay in use as part of a intro.

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