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Building from Blueprints: A Visual Guide

To build an item you will need the Industry skill at least. Certain Blueprints will require other skills, and those will be listed under the Bill of Materiels. The Production Efficency skill is vital for building as well. Each level of PE will lower the amount of minerals needed to build an item. On the Bill of Materiels you will see two numbers for each mineral required. [You: 74 - Perfect: 65] for example. The You: is what you need with your current skills. The Perfect: is what you'd need with Production Efficency V. You can save a lot of ISK with a high PE skill.

Pre Build

In Fig 1 you can see the Bill of Materiels page for our example blueprint, Bloodclaw Light Missile Blueprint. You can access this by right clicking on blueprint and using Show Info. You can see I'll need 3 Mexallon, 54 Pyerite and 85 Tritanium to build 100 Bloodclaws. If I had PE V I'd only need 2 Mexallon, 43 Pyerite and 68 Tritanium.

Fig 1 (click to enlarge).

Step 1

To begin building our Bloodclaws we'll right click on the blueprint and choose Manufacturing as seen in Fig 2.

Fig 2

Step 2 (four parts)

From the Science & Industry - Manufacturing page, Fig 3, we have four things to do. First left click on the PICK INSTALLATION button to open the Pick Installation box. Second left click on the installation listed for your current station. This will than display the available assembly lines in the bottom part of the window. Third left click on one of the bays listed as Now to choose that assembly line. If all the assembly lines are occupied you can choose any of them and it will que up to build your item after the listed time. Fourth left click on USE ASSEMBLYLINE button to being the quote process. Hopefully you'll be in a station with manufacturing bays available.If you aren't refer to Fig 4 to find one and travel to that system and begin again.

Fig 3 (click to enlarge)

If you aren't at a station with available assembly lines, you can use the RANGE dropdown box to find available lines in your system, constellation or region as shown in Fig 4. Skills are available that let you remotely use assembly lines, but the minerals and blueprints would have to be in place there first. Trying to use a remote location without the proper skills has been known to lock your client up.

Fig 4 (click to enlarge)

Step 3

After choosing the assembly line you'll be shown the ACCEPT QUOTE window. This will break down the build by minerals neede and minerals wasted. Also showing you how long the build will take and how much it will cost you. You can see in Fig 5 that it will cost me 1,010.16 ISK and 1 minute 55 seconds to build 100 Bloodclaws. Left click the ACCEPT QUOTE button to accept the quote and begin the build. If you feel it'll take too long, or cost too much you can use CLOSE to exit from the build process.

Fig 5 (click to enlarge)

In Progress!

To check on your progress while building left click on your Science and Industry button from your NeoCon. Then left click on the Get Jobs button to display your current status. In Fig 6 we can see we have 1 minute 52 seconds left on our build.

Fig 6 (click to enlarge)

Time to Deliver!

When your build is finished left click on your Science and Industry button from your NeoCon. Then left click on the Get Jobs button to display your current status. When you see your status is Ready you can left click on the job and the Deliver button will appear as in Fig 7 to return your blueprint and Bloodclaws to your hanger as seen in Fig 8.

Fig 7 (click to enlarge)

Fig 8

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