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With so many skills in EVE it's often difficult to tell where to head next in your training. Especially with the larger ships, simply having the required skills for the hull of a ship isn't enough to "pilot the ship well" or even safely! A Cruiser using Small Blasters to fight off Drones is good tactics. A Cruiser using Small Blaster since that's all the pilot can use is an insurance payment waiting to happen! Inspired by some helpful posts on the EVE Online forums here are some skill suggestions for you to aim towards.

Basic Skills For All Ships

These are skills you'll want at level IV

Skill Name - [Bonus per level of skill] (Ex: Level 4 Electronics gives 20% more CPU.)

1: Use Co-Processors in your low slots for more CPU.
2: Total targets locked = 2 + Targetting Skill, Max of Ship Limit, usually good training just to L3, for a max of 5 targets
3: Use Power Diag Systems or Reactor Control Units in your low slots for more Power Grid. L4 for Shield Hardeners. L5 is required for Assault Frigates.
4: L4 is required for Mirco Aux Power Cores.
5: L5 is required for Assault Frigates.
6: Allows use of Expanded Cargoholds. L4 is required for Armor Hardeners.
7: Requires Mechanic level III and Survey level III to train. This skill allows you to salvage a Wreck, getting Rig Components you can sell or build rigs with.
8: L4 is required for Micro-Warp Drives (MWD).
9: 1MN = Frigate/Destroyer, 10MN = Cruiser/Industrial/Battlecruiser, 100MN = Battleship. L4 is required for Tech 2 Afterburners.
10: Agility is how quickly your ship turns. L3 is required for Industrials.
11: First skill to train! Faction specific. L3 allows access to "Tier 3" frigates, your best first ship. L5 required for T2 frigates.
12: Faction independant. Some people skip Destroyers, but they are very good vs Frigates in Level 1 missions. Level I is all that's needed to pilot a Destroyer, but higher levels help with ship penalties.
13: Faction specific. Cannot be trained on Trial Accounts. Bestower (Amarr II), Mammoth (Minmatar IV) and Iteron Mk. V (Gallente V) are common Industirals
14: Faction specific. Simply being able to pilot a Cruiser doesn't mean you can fly it safely! :)

Skills are represented by two numbers, Rank and Level. Rank is the "training multiplier". It's a measure of how long a skill will take to train. Each Level within a Rank requires a certain number of skill points to be earned. Level 1 for a Rank 1 skill might take 10 minutes to train, while Level 1 of a Rank 4 skill would take 40 minutes to train. Rank is static, you cannot raise nor lower it. You can however train skills to raise your attributes to make you earn skill points faster thereby training skills faster.

Level is a measure of how advanced you are in the skill. Rank goes from Rank 1 through Rank 16. Level goes from 1 to 5 and is either represented by "Frigate L4" or with Roman Numerials (I, II, III, IV, V) "Frigate IV".

Skill points are simply a measure of how much training you've done in all. Always have a Clone with more Skill Points than you currently have.

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