M1A2 Loader Position

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Aaanyway, in the editor, how do you move a AI unit in the “Loader/Secound gunner” position in the M1A2 TUSK? A simple GetIn WP doesn’t work, and I didn’t have any luck with “Name MoveInGunner/Turret” or whatever either.


The reason that it’s not working is that he knows what you’re up to. Sure the loader has another gun, but the poor SOB can’t Turn In. Meaning it’s HIS head that’ll be blown off as soon as shells start to fly. It’s not that you can’t find the right command for it, it’s just that he’s on to you and doesn’t want to die! The guns load just fine without him thank you very much, so there’s no reason to include him in any action. His mother would miss him terribly.

Actually the answer is this:

unitObject moveInTurret [tankObject, [0, 1]];

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